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Your Partner in Crafting Heartfelt Tales

If you’re searching for a developmental editor or writing coach who is genuinely passionate about romance, women’s fiction, and chick lit, then you’ve found the right place!

My ultimate goal is to help authors like you unleash the full potential of their tales.

Together, we’ll dive deep into the heart of your story, breathe life into your characters, and craft an immersive setting to transport your readers into another world. Buckle up, because we’re about to take your audience on an exhilarating rollercoaster of emotions that will leave them craving more.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer with numerous books under your belt or just starting out on your writing journey, let’s join forces in giving your story a good dose of love and attention!

Let me be your biggest cheerleader, your trusted partner, and your go-to expert throughout the entire writing and editing process.

My Credentials

I’m a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach.

This means I know story inside and out. When you hire me, you’re assured the feedback will have depth and stand on solid storytelling principles.

Together, we’ll tackle character development, plot structure, setting, pacing, and the all-important story arc to make sure the big picture rocks. Then we’ll investigate 40+ story ingredients to guarantee that every scene in your story matters.

I will maintain the integrity of your story while cranking up its impact, smoothing out any rough edges, and letting its brilliance shine.

Got something unique to say? I’m here to amplify it!

The Loving Style

When you choose the Loving Story Edit, get ready for an experience that is nurturing, collaborative, and inclusive to the core.


I’m here to provide unwavering support, to create an environment where your creativity can blossom and the stories within your heart can find their voice. Together, we’ll cultivate a space of utmost care and understanding, ensuring your vision is honored every step of the way.


Our partnership will grow on a foundation of trust and collaboration. I am committed to understanding your unique personality, story, and vision. Let’s work side by side to bring your ideas to life. Together, we’ll infuse your story with love and skill, shaping it into an extraordinary tale.


At the Loving Story Edit, inclusivity is one of our cornerstones. We support storytellers of all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter your race, gender, or LGBTQIA+ identity—your stories are welcome here, and they matter deeply.

I firmly believe that every story, in all its uniqueness, deserves to be heard. Diverse fiction not only entertains but also has the power to enlighten and inspire readers far and wide. It is my utmost priority to create a safe and inclusive space where voices that have been marginalized or underrepresented can shine brightly.

Your story is precious, and it’s my mission to ensure it receives the care, respect, and thoughtfulness it is due.

What writers are saying

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