Loving Story Edit

Emma Roze

Your loving story editor

Hey there, heartfelt writer!

I’m the passionate soul behind the Loving Story Edit, and I’m thrilled to embark on this literary adventure with you.

Romance, women’s fiction, and chick-lit? They’re my absolute obsession. I devour them like a kid at the candy store.

Whether it’s contemporary, historical, paranormal, mafia, fantasy, or LGBTQ+, I’m all in. I dive into every nook and cranny of romance, exploring its vibrant sub-genres and age categories.

Give me character-driven journeys that celebrate the bonds of sisterhood and friendship, captivating coming-of-(middle)-age tales that make me laugh as much as cry, and happy endings where individuals embrace their power!

These genres aren’t just my areas of expertise—they’re my passion. I crave novels with warmth, depth, and that sprinkle of enchantment that keeps me hooked from page one. And I couldn’t be more delighted to support authors like you who bring these loving stories to life.

Consider me your trusty sidekick, your unwavering support system, and your go-to expert for crafting tales that will tug at readers’ heartstrings. Together, we’ll breathe life into your characters, stir up emotions, and craft stories that readers simply won’t be able to put down.

I’m beyond excited to join you on this incredible writing and editing journey. Let’s give your story some loving today!

My Strengths

I believe CliftonStrengths can tell you a lot about a person, and whether they will be a good fit as your creative partner. Here are my top 10 Strengths, and how they play into my editing and coaching style.


I understand complex emotions—your own and those of your characters. I will help you navigate the emotional minefield of writing and editing a novel, then show you how to infuse your characters with authentic feelings.


My insatiable craving for storytelling knowledge ensures that I stay at the forefront of the craft. Then I will teach you everything I uncover on how to create unforgettable stories.


Whether you’re seeking a specific resource or need information on the fly, I’m your go-to person. I have an extensive archive of references and a knack for finding what you need in no time.


My dedication to exploring the depths of your story means we won’t rest until every plot twist, character reaction, and setting detail has been examined. In this process, we will uncover hidden gems lying dormant within your manuscript.


With a natural talent for fostering realistic character development on and off the page, I will cheer you and your fictional folks through every step of this writing and editing journey.


Grounded in my values, I provide unwavering support as your writing partner. I will also tease out and amplify the underlying themes that make your novel resonate with readers.


I offer a tailored approach to coaching and editing—guided by your specific needs, personality, story, and characters—that empowers you to express your distinctive voice.


An optimistic attitude goes a long way. With a perpetual smile on my face, I bring an uplifting energy to our collaboration, and dispense praise generously.


I have no problem envisioning or planning for a future that doesn’t exist yet. Come at me with your biggest writing and publishing dreams! We’ll work hand-in-hand to transform them into tangible achievements.


As an editor, I’ve got a keen eye for the intricate interplay of elements within your novel, ensuring they work together. As a coach, I consider all the factors in your writing life, adopting a holistic approach to help you succeed.

My Languages

Did you know I speak two languages?

French and English.

And I can story edit and coach in both. So state your preferred language in the contact form when you sign up!

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